This project has retired. For details please refer to its Attic page.
Apache Polygene

What is Apache Polygene™?

The short answer is that Apache Polygene™ is a community based effort exploring Composite Oriented Programming for domain centric application development. This includes evolved concepts from Aspect Oriented Programming, Dependency Injection and Domain Driven Design.

Composite Oriented Programming allows developers to work with 'fragments', smaller than classes, and 'compose' fragments into larger 'composites' which acts like the regular objects. Apache Polygene™ also tackles the enforcement of application composition, i.e. composites are declared in modules, modules are contained in layers and access between layers are controlled/enforced.

Apache Polygene™ (Java Edition), first Apache Polygene sub-project, is an implementation of Composite Oriented Programming, using the standard Java platform, without the use of any pre-processors or new language elements. Everything you know from Java still applies and you can leverage both your experience and toolkits to become more productive with Composite Oriented Programming today.

The Apache Polygene™ community welcomes any effort exploring Composite Oriented Programming for domain centric application development using any technology.

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