September 15, 2008

Qi4j @ JavaZone 2008 - Composite Oriented Programming with Qi4j

In the current programming culture we have lost the OOP idea of objects containing both logic and state, the idea of reuse has largely failed due to impractical mechanisms, and combining pieces of code into larger structures using AOP has not quite delivered on its promises. Building large-scale software also gives us challenges with regard to complexity, enforcing architectural rules and codebase explosion. What if we could look at what we have and figure out a new way to address these problems, while promoting the idea from domain oriented modeling and retaining what works with what we have now? Composite Oriented Programing is a new way of dealing with these problems, and this presentation will show how the Qi4j implementation on the Java platform will enable you to get more done with less work, and in a way that allows you to avoid the mentioned problems. It will describe the COP terminology and show examples on how to use Qi4j to implement domain oriented models.

See the whole presentation online here.