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Qi4j SDK 1.1 is out!
June 17, 2010

Qi4j SDK 1.1 is out!

Qi4j community hereby announces the availability of Release 1.1 of Qi4j Core, Qi4j Libraries and Qi4j Extensions.

Qi4j version 1.1 is now available. It is mostly an bug fix update, some SPI changes and a contributed EntityStore for EC2/S3 using Infinispan. The author, Philippe Van Dyck, explains;

  • Infinispan memory cache eviction mechanism is based on a memory threshold (i.e. you specify 100MB of memory for the cache in the store config)
  • RHQ monitoring with Infinispan plugin
  • Entries are gzipped on S3
  • Wicket load balancing is done with infinispan (custom pagestore)
  • I use a directory structure for qi4j identities (“Entity1/key1”) with a webdav interface to it, so one can mount Qi4j’s store in Mac OSX Finder.
  • EC2 S3_PING is used in jgroups to join the cluster of qi4j stores
  • Each Qi4j UnitOfWork is transaction backed with rollback support
  • S3 (blobstore) access is using Infinispan synchronous and transacted mode
  • EC2 images only contain the wicket web interface with a jetty https connector / when added to amazon elastic load balancer, Infinispan connects to the cache cluster and wicket begins to server load balanced requests - yep, just like that
  • Current performance, as reported by RHQ, from EC2 to S3, is around 60ms per read/write from S3 (rough average). Elastic load balancing load tests with loadStorm are not done yet. But I don’t know any NOSQL alternative offering a permanent transacted monitored compressed Finder-mounted clustered load-balanced store.

Development continues towards 1.2 release, which includes better OSGi support, dropping CGLib dependency due to classloading issues, Google AppEngine support and hopefully the DCI support as developed in the StreamFlow project.