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Qi4j @ JavaZone 2010 - ReST/DCI
September 18, 2010

Qi4j @ JavaZone 2010 - ReST/DCI

Qi4j at JavaZone 2010, Oslo, Norway. Rickard Öberg presented “Implementing a Rest API with DCI and Qi4j” at JavaZone on the 8 Sept 2010.

Implementing a REST API today is important in many cases, both as an integration point to your application and as a way for clients to access the application. But there are few frameworks out there that help you fulfil all the constraints of REST, and therefore only makes your API a REST-wannabe. This session will look at how you can use Qi4j along with the DCI pattern to implement a truly RESTful API, that follows all the constraints. We will look at how DCI maps to the RESTful way of thinking about web API’s, and how Qi4j can help with the actual implementation.

Watch the video.