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Qi4j SDK 1.2 Released
October 23, 2010

Qi4j SDK 1.2 Released

The Qi4j community today announced the 3rd installment of the innovative Java framework, Qi4j. The main new features includes, SQL EntityStore, SQL Indexing/Querying, Caching SPI and a Service Qualifier API.

Additional to the new features, numerous improvements were made along side with significant internal changes. Here is a break down of the more important issues;

The Cache SPI is another important new feature. The pluggable Cache SPI means that it is equally simple to add new caching implementations as it is to add Entity Store implementations, in fact even easier since the SPI is very simple. The entity stores implementations that leverages the MapEntityStore layer in the Qi4j Runtime (which most do), will automatically benefit from the plugged in Cache.

The support of SQL has been a long-standing requested item, and thanks to new community blood, we now have the first generation of both EntityStore implementation as well as using SQL backends for querying and indexing. These two implementations is a testament that the Qi4j data model is truly flexible. The current implementation does not, however, support mapping of existing tables and expect to own the tables it needs. PostgreSQL and MySQL are the first support RDBMSes, and more are bound to follow in upcoming releases.

SLF4J was introduced as a dependency in Qi4j Core, and slowly starting to add additional debug and trace statements in the internals of Qi4j Runtime to aid in troubleshooting.

Qi4j community has also noted a JDK bug, which surface as a java.lang.ArrayStoreException, but is really a java.lang.TypeNotPresentException that gets treated incorrectly deep inside com.sun packages. This release did not manage to work around this, but we will in the next release.

The bugs fixed are of various nature. Some of the bugs listed in the release notes are possibly fixed prior to Qi4j 1.1, but not identified correctly. The two most important bug fixes are QI-247, Incorrect delegation of Object methods in TransientComposite, and QI-241 regarding the matching algorithm for @AppliesTo. The latter may seriously affect existing applications to include fragments when it previously didn’t.

Release Notes - Qi4j SDK 1.2

New Features

  • QI-192 - Support indexing/querying of collection properties
  • QI-260 - Introduce advanced cache (ehcache?) as a general purpose caching layer for all EntityStores
  • QI-266 - Introduction of Service Qualifier API
  • QI-268 - Cache SPI introduced in Core.
  • QI-269 - Cache Extension - Ehcache


  • QI-58 - Property → Property .. → .. Querying
  • QI-232 - Entity Type resolution is flawed
  • QI-249 - Visitor-pattern to work with throws -declaration
  • QI-263 - Replace JDK logging with SLF4J
  • QI-264 - Use exception handling pattern in visitors
  • QI-265 - Introduce SLF4J as logging framework.
  • QI-267 - EntityStoreSPI.applyChanges() should have the EntityStoreUnitOfWork passed along.

Bugs Fixed

  • QI-214 - Missing implementations of newEqualsPredicate
  • QI-241 - AppliesTo match algorithm should be a OR condition in the targeted elements list
  • QI-247 - Broken delegation of Object methods in TransientComposite
  • QI-253 - Remaining bugs on moving to ASM
  • QI-254 - FragmentClassLoader causes UnsupportedClassVersionError in most tests
  • QI-255 - Qi4j tests do not take @Queryable(false) into account
  • QI-256 - UndeclaredThrowableException - possibly related to new class-generation
  • QI-257 - ConcernOf/SideEffectOf not working with Property<SomeType>
  • QI-259 - JSONMapEntityStore did not update lastModified in entitystate