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Qi4j SDK Release 2.0-RC1
December 25, 2012

Qi4j SDK Release 2.0-RC1

Qi4j SDK 2.0-RC1 is ready for review, as a stepping stone towards to the long-awaited Qi4j 2.0.

The number of changes from 1.4 are far too many to list here. We will produce a document for this when coming to the 2.0 release.

The biggest driver for the 2.0 release is to introduce all the incompatibilities from 1.4. And we have on purpose held back a long list of features that can be added incrementally in the 2.x lifespan.

As you probably know already, the site has also received a make-over;

  • The Landing page is styled differently.
  • Community pages are on the Landing Page “area”
  • Other Documentation is fully versioned

A version switcher is available in the documentation:

  • develop = develop branch
  • latest = master branch
  • 1.4 = static snapshot of prev SiteVision site.

The sooner we can vet this release, the sooner we can get to the 2.0 and start working on exciting new features, improvements to non-release libraries and extensions, among many other things. So, please take some time and try this out, report back anything that is not working as expected or other feedback for us to improve on.

And a BIG THANKS to Paul, who has been working long and hard to push himself (and me a bit) to get this release out the door. Including creating the new website.