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Qi4j SDK Release 2.0-RC2
April 15, 2013

Qi4j SDK Release 2.0-RC2

Qi4j SDK 2.0-RC2 is ready for review, as another a stepping stone towards the long-awaited Qi4j 2.0.

Here is a summary of changes made since 2.0-RC1:

  • New ValueSerialization SPI with JSON and XML extensions
  • Small API fixes and better error reporting
  • Fixed ManyAssociation equals() method
  • Fixed locking issue inside concurrent Entity modification concern
  • Fixed bug related to HATEOAS Links in the REST Library
  • Enhanced various unit tests and Core TestSupport
  • Documentation and javadoc enhancements
  • Third party libraries version upgrade
  • Build System upgraded to use the way faster Gradle 1.5

The sooner we can vet this release, the sooner we can get to the 2.0 and start working on exciting new features, improvements to non-release libraries and extensions, among many other things. So, please take some time and try this out, report back anything that is not working as expected or other feedback for us to improve on.