This project has retired. For details please refer to its Attic page.
Apache® Zest™ Renamed to Apache® Polygene™
January 07, 2017

Apache® Zest™ Renamed to Apache® Polygene™

Apache Zest is changing name to Apache Polygene. The change has been carried out for the most part, and we are still in the process of encuring all naming is accurate going forward.

“The name change was triggered to prevent confusion with other similarly named software such as the visualization toolkit from Eclipse,” said Niclas Hedhman, Vice President of Apache Polygene. “Since becoming an official ASF project, our codebase and community continue to flourish. We are confident that our new identity will reflect ongoing innovation and increased productivity.”

With the name we want to communicate that Apache Polygene is polymorphic in nature, and that it is possible to inherit traits in non-standard Java, yet using regular Java and not a new language on top of the JVM.