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Package org.apache.polygene.entitystore.cassandra

Casssandra EntityStore.

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Package org.apache.polygene.entitystore.cassandra Description

Casssandra EntityStore.

Polygene's Cassandra Keyspace

The Cassandra EntityStore can either use an existing Cassandra Keyspace, which is the default, OR create its own keyspace.

The CassandraEntityStoreConfiguration#keyspaceName() defines the name of the keyspace to use, or to be created. If not defined, then the default name is "polygene".

The CassandraEntityStoreConfiguration#createIfMissing() defines if new missing resources should be created or an Exception should be thrown if missing.

If it is created, then the CassandraEntityStoreConfiguration#replicationFactor() will define the replication factor, and the command to create the keyspace is;

        CREATE KEYSPACE <keyspaceName> WITH replication = {'class':'SimpleStrategy', 'replication_factor' : <replicationFactor> };

Polygene's Cassandra Table

Polygene will store all entities in a single Cassandra TABLE

        CREATE TABLE <tableName> (
            id text,
            version text,
            appversion text,
            storeversion text,
            usecase text,
            modified timestamp,
            properties map<string,string>
            assocs map<string,string>
            manyassocs map<string,string>
            namedassocs map<string,string>
            PRIMARY KEY ( id )
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